AA Cycle Helmet Stunt

The CTC responded to a helmet give-away for cyclists by the AA on 15 April by staging a simultaneous Highway Code give-away for drivers.

I am glad to hear of it as when I heard of the AA’s stunt I found it extremely irritating.

Cycle campaigners were concerned that the AA’s focus upon vulnerable road users risked misrepresenting the sources of road danger. I wonder if the AA would prefer to deflect the blame on to the victims. Could that have been their plan and their policy?

CTC’s Campaigns and Policy Director Roger Geffen explained:

‘If the AA wants to improve safety for cyclists it should work with groups like CTC to encourage all road users – including cyclists – to follow the Highway Code. Police data shows that the risks cyclists face come overwhelmingly from dangerous driving. The AA’s gimmick gives the impression that cycle helmets are an essential safety aid, and that cyclists who don’t wear them are to blame if they get hurt – neither of which is true.’

In Northern Ireland, meanwhile, the threat of compulsory helmets has receded for now. Good!

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