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I have been celebrating Easter. I was preaching about Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus. At last they were happy be identified with Jesus as they asked for the body of Jesus in order to bury him. I wonder how they got his body to the tomb, was it on a cart or did some people carry him? It would have been easier with the bike below.

I got a brochure sent to me last week. It features a bicycle hearse.

The one on the right is a fellow minister in the Elim Pentecostal Church, and the one on the left is a friend of mine, Gordon, who is also a leader in Elim. They look like they are praying. I guess they are asking God to bless the use of the hearse.

The company pioneered the use of a motorbike hearse a few years ago so I suppose this is just an extension of that thinking.

I  expect quiet a lot of cycle enthusiasts will want their body to be carried this way. I think it is an interesting idea. But will it only be for short journeys? And if there is a load of cars following it could slow them down.

One tip for the funeral directors though regarding the bicycle hearse, get mudguards on that thing! Who wants to arrive at the church, or the grave, with a stripe of mud up your back?

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  1. Thank you for the blog entry on the tandem hearse. Strictly speaking it is a bier, but most folk including us call it a hearse.

    Point noted on mudguards! With reference to speed two strong cyclists on a tandem can go at a pretty fair rate, certainly as quick or quicker than a horse drawn hearse. Length of journey depends on fitness of rider, if I am riding one mile thank you, if someone fitter further. As a rule of thumb the bicycle hearse should be used with the same limitations as a horse drawn. Hope that helps.

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