Fast Folding Bicycle

It’s not as small as a Brompton (I do love my Brompton). It’s not as light as a Dahon (though not all Dahons are light). And it’s not as finely engineered as a Moulton (and my Moulton is). So why do the makers of this new design by Makoto Asawa think it is going to be a success? It goes on sale in Japan this month for the equivalent of £340.

It promises to be the fastest-collapsing bicycle on the market with a folding time of two seconds. But having watched the video I see that they are not bothering to include in those two seconds the time it takes to lower the handlebars and seat. In which case it does not look much quicker that my wife’s Giant Halfway.

It does have one trick though, it is designed to be folded at the same time as it is being wheeled along by Japanese commuters in a hurry. The frame hinge is released by pulling a lever on the left handlebar and once folded the bicycle can continue to be wheeled. Is life that short? “Beware that you gain the whole world and lose your own soul”.

Unusual for a folding bicycle is what looks like an excellent chain guard to keep trousers stain free.

The video is in Japanese, so if you want a translation just contact me. 😉

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