First Bus Complaint Part 2

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When I phoned First I left my mobile number and had expected them to get back to me. I suppose I viewed the whole thing with a greater sense of urgency, being the one involved. I phoned a few times on Thursday to ask if there was news but it was always engaged. I tried again this morning at 8:40 but it rang out, perhaps too early for the staff to man the phones. Instead I used their ‘Contact Us’ bit on their website and asked if there was any news.

This is not the first time I have been forced off the road by a bus, in fact it has happened about 5 or 6 times. I wrote a letter of complaint to First once and I got a letter of apology. It sounded like a computer template though. I was still left feeling that nothing would change. I have often wondered what sort of cycle-safe training bus drivers get, not enough it seems.

The other dimension for me in all this, is the question of how a Christian should behave in this sort of situation. I do not want to be vindictive, so I suppose that is why I have hesitated to go to the police. Yet I know that this sort of reckless driving could kill someone. Cyclists have died in York. If no one complains nothing changes. I would have been happy with a swift and sincere apology, but we will see if that is a vain hope.

After a day out over the Nork Yorkshire moors (day off today) I got back to the reply below from First!

Dear Mr Hutchinson

Thank you for your email.

I have logged your complaint onto the Customer Contact System and this has been forwarded to our Route Manager. The driver has been identified and in line with our Company disciplinary procedure will be interviewed by Mr ***. A follow up response will be made following this interview. Meanwhile should you wish to speak with Mr *** he can usually be contacted on 883903.

Yours sincerely

My complaint has been logged onto a system! Perhaps I will hear something after the weekend.

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