First Bus trouble Part 4

See my previous post for background to this incident when I was forced of the road by a First Bus while on my bicycle.

I did phone First after my last post yesterday and got through to the Route Manager who I found very helpful. I was reassured that he viewed the matter as serious. He agreed with me that if I was capable of banging on the side of the bus the bus was too close to me. He said because of confidentiality he would not be able to tell me what disciplinary action the bus driver may receive. He said he would want to get the driver’s side of the story before deciding anything. He said that a driver can get dismissed if an incident like mine is not his first. I was satisfied with his response. He said I will hear from him next week.

The delay in hearing back from First is explained by the sad need to go through the cctv on buses in York due to the missing young woman that is the subject of a massive search at the moment.

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