First Vélib Now Autolib

Paris’s on-street bicycle hire scheme is called Vélib and in less than a year it has gone some way to transforming the transport habits of that city. I wonder how long it will be before we see the like in this country.

Now in Paris they are to take it further with Autolib.

Following the success of its bicycle hire scheme, Paris is to offer electric cars that drivers can pick up and drop off anywhere in the city. From the end of 2009, 4,000 electric cars will be placed around Paris. It is the first electric car project of its kind in a capital city. This is more than car-share. It is leagues ahead of Wizz-Go that we have here in York (though we can not be compared to the size of Paris).

This fleet of electric cars is called Autolib and is the next step in the city’s quest to provide green travel options for all. I think they look great. I would love to have a go with one if they are as good as the one above.

I highly recommend watching a short video available here from BlipTV. Though it is about Autolib, it is worth watching just for the backgrounds inside the buildings and the lovely scenes of Paris. Spot the chap talking next to a single bagette on the table. Understated cool.

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