Lumigrids the #pothole detector for cyclists

If you have ever hit a pothole in the dark you will be interested it this. It has won a RedDot Design Concept Award and you can see the concept below.

The idea is that an LED projection is made on the road in grid form. Any distortion of the grid is noticed by the rider, indicating a distortion of the road surface. Potholes are a great deal more difficult to see in the dark as they are in daylight.

Could this save some falls? I am not sure as I wonder how clear the grid would be if it was projected at the same time as a powerful cycle light, would the grid not just be washed out? Perhaps the inventor has thought of that and will make allowances.

As an idea, for drawing the human eye to anomalies ahead, I wonder if it would be useful projected further ahead for higher speeds. I mean I wonder if it could be useful for vehicles.

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