Mean looking thief-proof bicycle lights

These lights look seriously mean because they shaped like the bullet chamber of a revolver.

Shaped like that I can imagine someone modelling a barrel and a handle and sticking them on. Imagine seeing a bike with what looks like a colt 45 clamped to the handlebars! Cars drivers would give you a wide berth. Then again you might get chased by armed police believing they have a serial killer in their sights.

It is called the Defender and is not yet in production, but soon will be.

According to the inventors it is designed to stay permanently locked to the handlebars. As 1 in 3 city cyclists have had their lights stolen and 80 per cent frequently forget their lights at home, this should do well.

It takes 30 seconds to attach the light and once in place a special tool is required to remove it. The light is constructed from aluminium, features six LEDs and can run for 100 hours powered by its three AA batteries. As you would expect from a light designed to never leave the handlebars of a bicycle, it is entirely waterproof.

Kickstarter is an online Dragons’ Den that allows people to pledge modest amounts of money to help entrepreneurs get their designs into production. In the case of the Defender, an investment of $50 (around £30) will buy one when the light goes into production. The recommended retail price is expected to be around $70.

I think it will do well.

One thought on “Mean looking thief-proof bicycle lights

  1. I think I prefer lights that come off easily. Although a special tool is needed for this type of light, what if somebody has the special tool? Also, how are the batteries removed? If you need to remove the light, that would be a pain, but if you don’t, that means somebody could steal the batteries.

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