My Dutch bike has had a puncture for the last few weeks. I delayed fixing it as I had come to the conclusion that I also needed a new tyre as the old one had too many cuts in it from debris on roads and the glass fragments on the cycle paths.

So off to ‘Cycle Heaven’ for a tyre. This time a Schwalbe with the wonderful anti-puncture feature I have been benefiting from on my Moulton.

While in Cycle Heaven I saw them on display, and reduced too, Pedalites! These wonderful things are pedals with stuff inside them so that the pedalling action powers bright flashing lights on the back (red), side (amber) and front (white). They even keep flashing for about ten minutes after I have stopped. Great!

I cycled into the centre of York and parked the bike outside a book shop that I went into. I looked back and saw the pedals still flashing frantically with passer-bys staring at them.

In my opinion, bikes are the best gadgets of all and this is an excellent gadget for a bike. They are worth the money, and even more worth the reduced price I payed. Pity I got the last reduced pair as I now want some for my Moulton. If they sold only the right side pedal singly I would get one for my Brompton too.

One thought on “Pedalites

  1. They are`a great ideal, but sadly they go wrong.

    The first set I had died after about 150 miles. I took the bike back and got them replaced and about a thousand miles later I notice that I’m no longer getting a front light from the left hand pedal.

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