Proposal to ban school drop off by car. Bonkers or brilliant?

The idea of a ban on parents dropping-off their kids outside school by car has been proposed the incoming president of the Faculty of Public Health Professor John Ashton. He believes a Victorian sense of ambition is required if an entire generation is not to be written off due to poor diet and a lack of exercise.

The forthcoming challenge for Professor Ashton and society at large is that inactive lifestyles are a reflection of a cultural resistance to change and institutionalised fear.

For example, the Schonrock family, of Dulwich, west London, made headlines a couple of years ago when it came to light that their children, aged eight and five, regularly cycled one mile to school along quiet back roads, alone. It was reported at the time that the school’s headmaster threatened to report them to social services.

Read the full article here at the ETA.

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