Satnav for Cyclists

Is this what the wise men used as they travelled to Bethlehem? Was that the star?

Probably not!

The satnav function on Nokia phones is excellent now that it is a free download. It is a dream on the larger touchscreen on the N97 mini I have been trialling, but it is still great on the smaller screen of my Nokia E72. It slots into a holder above the dashboard and I am off.

I have used satnav on my bicycle, but not recently. The problem with a bike is that the mounting has to be right. I solved it with duct tape. Not exactly quick release though.

In a car the unit can be more in line of sight but with a bicycle it will obviously be on the handlebars. with the need to look up and down a lot. Could this projection method be the solution? I am not convinced. In daylight would the projection be seen clearly enough? At night in cities would it compete with the ambient street lighting, shop fronts and signage?

If an earpiece is used so the audio directions are what is being relied upon, then there is no advantage to changing to this system, whether for cyclist or pedestrians.

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