Track your stolen bicycle with SpyLamp a hidden GPS tracker

The SpyLamp looks like an ordinary LED rear light. Inside though, is GPS technology. It works using a pay-as-you-go mobile phone SIM card and a motion sensor. The stolen bike can then be tracked online using Google Maps.

It costs £125, though it will also require the occasional top up of the pay-as-you-go SIM card.

The problem I can forsee though is that a thief may lose the light or sell it to someone else for a small financial gain. Perhaps they designers have antisipated this as they are about to launch a version that can be hidden inside the seat post or bicycle frame.

Great gadget!

2 thoughts on “Track your stolen bicycle with SpyLamp a hidden GPS tracker

  1. I’m very interested in purchasing one but can’t seem to find one for purchase. Even on there own website. I have just had my custom dirt jump bike stolen worth $2500 and even $285 would be worth it if you can get your bikes back!

  2. Amazing idea, its really helpful to track bye cycle by the hidden GPS tracker. I obviously purchase this GPS tracker, but there have no more details about its working process.

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