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Here are instructions for your “Trek Time Watch” otherwise known as “Montre Trek Time”. I have no idea why there are no instructions either on the box or printed on a bit of paper and included in the box. So 20th century?

I bought one for my wife to fix on the handlebar of her bike so when she cycled to work she would know how she was doing. They seem a stylish accessory to anyone’s bike if only you can set the time!

I searched the web for instructions. I did see something (not at all helpful) on the Trek web site with a drawing that made no sense.

I took mine back to the shop I bought it from (the excellent York Cycleworks) and the chap said it was easy. He fiddled for a bit and said the guys upstairs had done one of these before. He went upstairs. He was gone a long time.

Meanwhile I had been mooching about the shop for so long that another assistant eventually said, “Can I help you?” I explained the problem and he said it was simple. He got another one from the rack, opened the packet, and started to fiddle. He said he would be back shortly and he disappeared upstairs too.

Eventually they did it and they showed me how it is done.


The watch comes with two brackets to suit standard or fat bars. You will see in the empty bracket, opposite the winder hole, the small bump which stops the watch bouncing out. It is that which needs to be held back to get the watch out.

Hold the bracket containing the watch firmly in one hand, all the while squeezing. The force needs to be applied to the 6 o’ clock and 12 o’ clock sides.

While squeezing it you insert a screwdriver or similar to press back the lump in the rubber. It should pop out.


One more thing, to adjust the time you pull out the winder and turn.

12 thoughts on “Trek Bicycle Watch

  1. Thank you so much for putting this on the web. I just got one of these, but had no idea how to change the time on it. This helped a lot!

  2. You shouldn’t lever it out with a screwdriver. There is a hole in the back of the bar mount to poke it out with an Allen key etc

    • I just received a new one; DEAD. Took off the back and I don’t even see a battery. Found instructions online on what battery to purchase (got a Wal Mart),but don’t even see a battery to replace or where one would be placed. Did it come with no battery?

      Any guidance would be appreciated. (or someone to call for assistance)

    • Just a quick update for everyone.
      The battery is actually a tiny SR626SW not a CR2032.
      Remove the 4 philips screws from the backplate; lever the white plastic retainer out to gain access to the battery.
      The Trek Time Watch is currently available on e-bay as are replacement batteries.
      Contact the seller to see if they have other colours available.

  3. Thanks! I have had such an impossible time reading any digital clock (as on a cell phone) but I want to know how long I’m gone, etc. and this will be much easier to read. I used the screwdriver on my pocket knife which couldn’t push it all the way out from the back, but once started out was easy to pries it the rest of the way. I hope it meets all our hopes and needs.

  4. These watches are genius. Been using one for 2 years. Most peoples reaction to it is somewhere along the lines of .. What a ridicules thing to clutter your handlebars with. But if you do any group riding or MTB guiding it’s super to be aware of the time without having to pull out a phone or stain to read the detail on a GPS. It also never comes off, even with hard crashes. On the other hand it is super easy to remove with one hand if you are leaving the bike in a public place.
    Here is a link to the manual online

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