How to get shopping lists or check-lists on your Sony Smartwatch

The smartwatch app does not perform all that well. So this is my solution. And anyway, I have recently switched to Wunderlist as my to-do list. It syncs across all my devices (all except the watch) and I like it.

First you install Daily Helper on the watch.


The you create you shopping list in Wunderlist like this:


At the foot of the list you tap on the ‘share’ icon and you choose Daily Helper as the destination, like so…

sharing with


You will see the number next to the app icon to indicate it has been received. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, but it is not easy photographing an illuminated screen.


Tap on the icon and the list is there.


Now you can get out and buy that hat!




Adobe user passwords stolen and uploaded to web. Time to check that your passwords are safe and sound


Let me explain how unskilled hackers get into personal email and bank accounts easily.

One way is to get you to enrol into something with an email address, user name and password of your choosing. They can do this by getting you to register for a free download or purchase, on a dodgy site, or a host of other tricks.

They know that a good percentage of internet users are silly and use the same details for all the sites they are registered with. So as soon as they have your new registration details they try those same details on a host of sites such as email and banking – purely speculatively. If you were that stupid – bingo they are into your precious accounts.

Another way, which requires more skill, is to hack into a company account and steal the passwords and user IDs they have on their system. As hackers like to help each other those passwords are then shared and form the base list of passwords they can bombard a site with using a programme that tries each password from their list in a fraction of a second. Most people use the names or dates of people or events so they will have been included in earlier lists they will have copied, along with a set of dictionary words.

This last technique has just succeeded yet again. LastPass, a password security firm, said on Thursday 7th November 2013 that it had found email addresses, encrypted passwords and password hints stored in clear text from Adobe user accounts on an underground website frequented by cyber criminals.

What you should do about passwords:

The basic way. If a website is your email (such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc) or has your personal date or it involves any sort of financial transaction, make sure it uses a password not shared with another site. Make it a good password that would not appear in any dictionary, one that includes at least on e capital latter and one number.

A better way. Is to use a password manager on your browser (‘browser’ is the generic name for that thing you use to get on to the internet such as Google Chrome, Firefox or even Internet Explorer). I use LastPass which, once I added their extension to the browser, creates strong passwords for me which it remembers. LastPass is excellent.

One of the first things you should do with LastPass it to let it check your existing passwords (which it can do automatically) for strength and change them into something better.

The best way. This is identical to the above but with the addition of two-step-authentication by those sites which make it available such as Gmail and Evernote. This is an optional feature you can switch on. Once you have given a mobile phone number (and usually an additional friend’s one in case you lose yours) whenever you log on using a new machine such as a friend’s or in a library, they send a unique one-off number to your mobile which you then put into the login screen.

Thinking of taking the plunge? My Smart Watch of choice is a Sony Smartwatch 2

The Galaxy Gear only partners with a few of the Samsung phones (not all) and the Pebble, though it has much in it’s favour (such as the long battery life due to the low power black and white e-ink display) has fewer apps and functions. The Google smartwatch (Google Gem),  is supposed to be out soon but no sign of it as yet.

See the 10 must-have functions on someone’s wish list when they were looking ahead to what functionality a smart watch needed to include.


The Sony Smartwatch claims it will work with most android phones but is that the case or does it need to partner with a Sony phone? Well the answer is both yes and no.

I ordered them together but as the watch arrived first I connected it to my Galaxy Note 1. I discovered that though there are watch apps that are extensions of dedicated Sony phone apps, there is still plenty of functionality with a generic android phone.

Leaving my non Sony phone in my pocket I can…

  • Feel the watch vibrate to alert me that a Gmail has arrived. I look at the watch and the first few lines of the email is displayed together with the identity of the sender. If a few have arrived at once I can swipe them sideways to go forward or back.
  • As above the phone will vibrate to alert be to an SMS (or this one) which can be read like an email. The same with Facebook messaging. Another app deals with Google+.
  • Consult my calendar.
  • Consult a shopping list I sent from my phone earlier using either Smart Note or Daily Helper. Daily helper is good for reminders or shopping list and notes if you know how to use it. The app comes with no instructions. Make sure you watch the video on Google Play, where you find the app, or you will be lost trying to figure out how it works.
  • If I have hands-free earphones, or bluetooth headset I can touch the phone to answer a phone call that I can hear in my ears without taking the phone out of pocket or bag. Without the headset the call will be answered but the caller will be talking in my pocket! In the same way I can dial a number and make a call, again, leaving the phone out of sight.
  • Toggle on/off sound, data, wifi, GPS and airplane mode. And another here.
  • Launch a variety of actions with the use of voice commands after using the watch as a trigger.
  • See where I am, displayed on Google maps. So if I am following a route in a city, I can do it more discreetly that holding the phone in front of my face.
  • Go running and use the smartwatch as a fitness aid as, using the GPS of the phone, it behaves like a GPS running watch.
  • Control music playlists with the usual stop, go, next track, etc.

The list could go on including the less useful and the odd, such as remotely controlling the camera of the phone to use it as a spy cam or recorder, myriad choice of watch faces

Oh, and it tells the time, like a watch. Even with the standard default watch face it looks super cool.

I had thought that with a Sony phone the Sony Smartwatch becomes far more powerful, and the range of possibilities increases, as it integrates with the native Sony apps. But the Sony extensions work great with my Samsung Galaxy apps.

Manual for the Sony Smartwatch2 SW2 is here, in English, French, German and Spanish. Sony Smartwatch2 SW2 manual

Excellent coffee, laptop hire, walls of second hand books at Black Books Cafe


And all to the sound of trad jazz.

This is just the place to be in Stroud. Situated in the old art deco Co-op building. A place of tranquillity and delight.

I almost forgot to mention the basket of knitting for anyone to add some rows to. That is what Penny is doing.

For the eagle eyed, yes that is a Maker Bot Replicator 2 behind her. Not often you come across one of those.

Lumigrids the #pothole detector for cyclists

If you have ever hit a pothole in the dark you will be interested it this. It has won a RedDot Design Concept Award and you can see the concept below.

The idea is that an LED projection is made on the road in grid form. Any distortion of the grid is noticed by the rider, indicating a distortion of the road surface. Potholes are a great deal more difficult to see in the dark as they are in daylight.

Could this save some falls? I am not sure as I wonder how clear the grid would be if it was projected at the same time as a powerful cycle light, would the grid not just be washed out? Perhaps the inventor has thought of that and will make allowances.

As an idea, for drawing the human eye to anomalies ahead, I wonder if it would be useful projected further ahead for higher speeds. I mean I wonder if it could be useful for vehicles.