Belgian Senate passes bill permitting doctors to euthanize children. Will they be told? Will their consent be necessary?

It was not mentioned much in the UK media last week but this seems a newsworthy story to me.

Euthanize children?!

Will they be told? Will their consent be necessary or will others decide for them?


The bill now goes to the House of Representatives for final approval before being sent to the King to be signed into law. Most Belgians expect it to be approved.

Since legalization of euthanasia in 2002, Belgium has seen a nearly 500 percent increase in deaths by euthanasia. Various studies have found that patients in hospitals are increasingly being killed without their consent or the consent of their families.

In 2010, research published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) found that 32 percent of euthanasia deaths in the Flemish region of Belgium are done without an explicit request. A second study by the CMAJ the same year found that nearly 45 percent of euthanasia deaths involving nurses in Belgium were without a specific request.

Research published the same year here in Britain by the British Medical Journal also found that only 52.8 percent of all euthanasia deaths were officially reported, as is required by the law.

According to some reports, there are increasing cases of elderly Belgians who are afraid of be hospitalized over the potential that they may be euthansized.

Tom Mortier, an anti-euthanasia advocate and lecturer in chemistry at Leuven University College in Leuven, Belgium, whose own mother was euthanized by one of the nation’s foremost doctors, called the vote “insanity.”

He pointed to research showing the growing abuses of euthanasia. “You can’t be a little bit in favor of euthanasia,” he told “Then, you are lost…. you will open Pandora’s box and this is what is happening in Belgium.”

According to Mortier when he wrote about his mother’s death: “Her departure wasn’t the serene family gathering, full of peace and reconciliation, which euthanasia supporters gush about,” he said. “The University Hospital in Brussels phoned my wife the day after.”

“It was the first we had heard of it. My mother died without her closest family at her bedside.”

For more on this see LifeSiteNews.

So is it same sex marriage? Or is it actually a redefinition of what marriage is?

It may seem an irrelevant point. Others would claim it is language used to enable each side to avoid hearing the other point of view. But what do the details tell us that are currently being unearthed by the debate in the House of Lords?

Now that the Bill is under the spotlight in the House of Lords some startling things are being discovered.

Faithfulness and Adultery
Faithfulness ‘not necessary’. Gone will be the statement that marriage is an exclusive monogamous relationship.

The exact quote from the Government minister is: “In terms of the law, marriage does not require the fidelity of couples. It is open to each couple to decide for themselves on the importance of fidelity within their own relationship.”

This means that, under the Bill, the Government can avoid the legal problems which would otherwise be created if it introduced laws about adultery or consummation for same-sex marriage. Now this is a redefinition of what marriage is. It would mean that a partner in a same sex marriage would not be able to divorce on the grounds of adultery or infidelity.

Hate Crime
The Coalition Government has agreed to change the criminal law so that that disagreeing with same-sex marriage will not be a hate crime.

But! Government ministers are being advised by officials in the equalities office to block any other protections in the civil law. So a person may not be accused of a hate crime but could still lose their job for their views.

Jobs Lost
Up until now, officials in the equalities office have been telling Government ministers that the Bill won’t harm the liberty of people who disagree with it. But after pressure in the House of Lords, Government ministers have admitted they want commercial companies to be able to sack staff who refuse to be involved with same-sex marriages.

The Government thinks commercial chauffeurs who object to a same-sex marriage should be dismissed. By the same logic, florists, photographers and cake makers would also be in the firing line. So far the Government has refused to allow any flexibility which takes account of people’s sincere beliefs.

Those who can expect to lose their jobs will be public sector workers like teachers and chaplains.

And of course we have yet to find out if church leaders will be appearing in court over their beliefs.

I am not against civil partnerships, though I think they should not be limited to sexual partners but should include friends or relatives who live together.

Did you hear the gaff re new Pope on BBC Radio4 this morning? Researchers still in bed?

So a new Pope has been appointed and he has taken the name of Francis.

But do we know which Francis he is named after yet? I have heard news commentators announcing confidently, including the one on the Today programme on Radio 4 this morning, that he is named after Francis of Assisi. The gaff this morning was that the commentator then went on to quote “the prayer of St Francis…”

The prayer he was referring to is the anonymous twentieth century French prayer ” Where there is…”

If we still have no declaration yet my assumption would be that, as a member of the Jesuits, he would be named after Francis Xavier (1506-1552) a student of Ignatius of Loyola, and co-founder of the Society of Jesus (also known as Jesuits)

Another thought. If the Pope is infallible, why don’t they get the last infallible Pope to select the next one? 😉

Revealed: Government kept emails secret showing that they knew the impact redefining marriage would have in schools

Hear what is taught in schools in Canada about happy threesome marriages.

The government wants to reduce marriage to just another lifestyle choice – like fashion or joining a club. They want minority groups to define it for themselves. But the problem with introducing free market thinking to marriage is that it is changed from a unique social institution that is primarily about children to just another contractual agreement between consenting adults. The government has no right and no mandate to privatise marriage.

#redefiningmarriage Threesome marriage already legal in Holland and Brazil. Canada now promoting threesomes in school

I have been saying once marriage is not longer the property of history, culture and community but the property of government to define and redefine it will end up including polygamy and temporary marriages.

It seems the evidence from practice in other countries tells me I am not scaremongering, but spot on.

Government know they are “powerless” to stop school teachers getting sacked if they refuse to endorse same-sex marriage

The Daily Telegraph carries a front-page report today saying that the Government is “powerless” to stop primary school teachers getting sacked if they refuse to endorse same-sex marriage. It quotes a senior source at the Department for Education admitting that the UK is not “in control” and that European judges have the final say. This could bring hospital chaplains other officials into danger of sacking too.

Many have been saying that teachers were under threat but the Government kept denying it. Yesterday I heard Maria Miller on the radio talking this down.

Now we know the Government too realises the dangers to school teachers, though the are playing it down. I think it is underhand and sneaky that they have not been more upfront about this.

This unpopular and divisive policy which will have a widespread impact.

What I want to know is whether they have other intended consequences in mind that they are keeping secret. There are some cultures that would like polygamy to be legalised in Britain, along with “temporary marriage”. Is this part of the reason the Government are pushing this through?

I particularly find the “temporary marriage” distasteful as it seems to be to be a way to exploit women. It legalises sexual activity within that culture until the man decides to move on. The woman, being no longer a virgin, then has poor prospects within that culture of entering into a proper marriage, being a life-long union with mutual love and respect.

See my previous post on this: Looks like the UK Government is cooking the books over their gay marriage ‘consultation’

“I think the [charity] Commission are committed to the suppression of religion”

So said Peter bone MP introducing his ten minute rule bill on the Charities Act yesterday.

Results of The National Church And Social Action Survey 2012 have just been released and is relevant to this as it gives us a great picture of what is happening through churches in the UK currently.

  • Hours spent by volunteers in UK Churches on local social action initiatives have increased by 36% in two years to 98M hours.
  • In spite of the current economic problems, funds given by UK Church members that were spent on social action initiatives have increased by 19% in two years to £342M.
  • There has been a rapid diversification of social actions by churches – the average number of social action initiatives undertaken by a Church has risen from 5.7 to 8.2.
  • Please note these figures only cover Church initiatives. It does not include voluntary work by Christians in the community that is not initiated by a Church e.g. work by local charities.
  • Staff hours are calculated as 55M hours in support of social action initiatives. This is equivalent to roughly 1 hour of staff time to 2 hours of volunteer effort.
  • Total financial contribution to social initiatives is probably above £2.5bn per annum when costed.

See Jubilee Plus for more info.