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I’ve never been able to use Lorem Ipsum but I would like to use this new one.

Lorem Ipsum may have been around for a long time but I just love this new version. Unfortunately it is in USA spelling rather than British English. What am I saying? This is all rubbish anyway! Here are two paragraphs of it to give you the idea:

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Perhaps a use for it would be when I am next in a meeting when people are using jargon. I could recite a memorised piece especially for such occasions. Ah, but would I be able to deliver it with a straight face?


What is Lorem Ipsum?
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Where dies it come from?
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Now you are over your fear of flying try watching this video

Have you seen it yet? This clip of planes landing at Heathrow Airport has become an internet hit.

The time-lapse YouTube shows the planes bobbing about as they come in to land as they are tossed about on the wind.

The person who posted it said he wanted to show how close planes were as they come into land. But I was more impressed by their graceful dance, which starts about half way through.