Great art and the Apple watch


I am sitting in the cafe of the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) and I am taking a break over a coffee.

At the next table is a chap who has spent a long time, wearing a pair of noise cancelling headphones, reading on his ipad all about the soon to be released Apple watch.

Now I like my gadgets, and I suppose he is free to spend his time any way he likes, but it just seems odd that though he surrounded by the exceptional he is still mastered by his gadgets.

#coasttocoastrun Day 3 Rosthwaite to Grasmere

The youth hostel had a late cancellation so I was able to have a bed in the hostel. Great! No packing up a wet tent or a night in a storm.

I set of 8:45 am in sunshine and the fine weather continued for the whole route.

The rise out of Borrowdale was a delight to do. I only packed a litre of water as I knew there would be many mountain streams to drink from on the way, and there were, cool and refreshing.


Sadly as had just got over the top and had navigated many stretches of bog, I was going along a path littered with boulders when I turned my ankle. It was the very sort of injury I had been trying to avoid all along, aware of the problems of running along that terrain. It was not a complete sprain but it hurt for the remainder off the run and I could not see how I could safety get over the next section to Patterdale running alone.

I arrived in Grasmere at lunch time. For a birthday treat for one of my daughters she had decided that she and my wife would drive over with a picnic to meet up with me before I ran off.

As I waited for my family to arrive, while I drank tea and ate a slice off apple pie at a cafe, I came to my decision. I decided to return home with them and complete it another time.

I have been asked about my kit so I will do a post about it soon.

Beating Jet Lag

A jet lag cure has been out of reach for years but now the solution is supposed to have been found. I saw it on a TV documentary and after searching on the internet found an article claiming the same thing.

The solution is to fast for 16 hours before you are due to land (and don’t eat on the plane) then, upon arrival, eat a proper meal. This is supposed to re-set the body clock.

I discovered this in time for my trip to China. Did it work?

I think it did.

I say “I think” as there was some tiredness which would be expected aside from the jet lag.

First, what is jet lag? It is more than just feeling tired. A typical description from is,

“Symptoms include fatigue and general tiredness, inability to sleep at night, loss of concentration, loss of drive, headaches and general malaise. Jet-lag occurs when biological rhythms are disrupted as a result of rapid transitions across multiple time-zones.”

Yes it is more than tiredness and can last a while and be unpleasant.

For a Christian, fasting for 16 hours should be no big deal and for me seemed a small price to pay. Going to China, as they are 7 hours ahead of us, I effectively had to go to bed there earlier than my body was expecting. The advantage of this technique was that I adjusted and did not like awake for the first few nights before settling into the new rhythm.

On returning I was going to bed 7 hours later than my body was expecting. I could have tried to sleep as much as possible on the return flight, but having already slept during the night there and because this was a day-time flight I was just not ready to sleep then. So that 7 hour later bed time meant I felt a bit tired the next day but had none of the added symptoms such as the sickness and disorientation.

My verdict is that it works and I will do it in future. I think I beat the jet lag.

Chris Moyles Has Noticed Church

I got an interesting YouTube link sent to me yesterday. It was sent by an Anglican vicar friend of mine. He said it reminded him of York Elim using the Barbican Centre before Christmas.

It seems Chris Moyles and his mates were chatting about church on his radio programme. It would be too much to say I was shocked but I was taken aback by his comments. He was impressed about a televised service he had seen but said he had not known churches like that existed in this country. I thought, “Where has he been?” Then I was thinking how have we (the UK church) failed, that he should not have known.

Watch the clip, it is worth seeing.

First Bus Road Rage part 3

Click here for Part 1.

Click here for Part 2.

Click the above links for the story so far about a dangerous bus driver.

Thought I might have heard something by now. They have my email address, home phone number and mobile, but have heard nothing at all since before the weekend and it is now Tuesday.

I would be content with an apology if I thought the driver had learnt from the experience and is like likely to be dangerous to cyclists in future.

Reporting it to the police is such a hassle though. I have done so once before. On that occassion I had to cross over to the other side of the city to the police station, had to wait for someone to speak to at the reception counter, then had to wait about an hour to speak to a Special Constable who took my details. I do not want to have to go through that again as I do have a life. Perhaps I should just write it to them in a letter. Problem is that because First Bus have dragged their feet there would be less success in tracing witnesses who watched it all. And assume they would not have bothered to try in any case as I often get the feeling that a person on a bicycle is not viewed as having the same value as a person in a car.