April’s Turkish Christian Martyrs Inspire Spanish Vigils

My friend Tim who lives in Barcelona has told me that following the murder (martyrdom) of Christians in Turkey a few weeks ago, Christians around Spain decided to hold a half-hour silent vigil in front of town halls.

Over 2000 turned up in Barcelona. These first two videos here are of Barcelona: http://www.cristianosperseguidos.blogspot.com/
Tim says the videos don’t quite capture what a special time it was, but they’re worth watching anyway.

See my previous post for more background.

Jesus Christ from Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

This image is of Jesus Christ from Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. For more great images go to the gallery at the Turkey tourism site.

Turkish Christians feature in the New Testament, notably the Apostle Paul who came from Southern Turkey. I can not image what the church would have been without the great Turkish Christians who were at the birth of the Christian church.

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