Better Than The Shack

This is a great read! It is a story of wonderful hope amid great sadness and heartbreak.

I say this is better than ‘The Shack’ (what would not be?) because this book makes it clear that hope does not come from an imagined fantasy reality, or a reinventing the past, but from the real giver of all hope – Jesus. This is not a novel, this is an account of real life and real death.

Stephen Redman is a friend of mine and, knowing a bit of the story, I had thought I might find the book moving. I did not expect to find it a page turner.

At Least it’s Not Raining is the story of one family’s battle with childhood cancer. Reading this book I felt, at times, like I was perched on the shoulder of the anguished father Steve as he and the rest of his family fought for the life of Rocky his little boy.

The chapter entitled ‘Rocky’s Big Send Off’ begins with these words, “When you are lying in bed, just how exactly do you get up, knowing that this is the day of your son’s funeral?”

This is a book to read and it is a book to give away. This book is for people who have a faith in Jesus and it is a book for people who know little of him.

One thought on “Better Than The Shack

  1. I remember Steve coming to Assembly of God church, Priory st.
    I remember him getting married, I can just about recall Rocky’s short
    life. I do remember them telling us about ministering to the nurses

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