#coasttocoastrun Day 1 Ennerdale


St Bees to Ennerdale in two hours. Arrived at 4:30 pm. Should I try and go further? I have decided to camp at the Fox and Hounds as they have offered dinner, breakfast and a shower. Too good to refuse.


There it is, home sweet home for tonight. And still no rain yet – how convenient.

The train journey to St Bees was through torrential rain lashing against the train windows. Yet when I arrived at St Bees it was sunshine. I had to replace my rain hat with a sun hat.

The climb out of St Bees was hard going as I found that carrying a backpack and waistpack made a huge difference. The final bit up Dent I had to walk, fueled by jelly babies. Once over the peak there is a LONG boggy stretch. To get through it is a matter of stepping from stone to stone very carefully. All around is water at least ankle deep. I don’t how I would have got through without my poles to keep balance.

This is great trail running though and I am already looking forward to tomorrow, after my big breakfast, climbing again over to Grasmere.

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