Elim Bible Week ’07

I attended the annual Elim Bible Week and Elim Conference last week. This year it was again at the Butlins holiday park in Minehead.

Butlins Scene

As usual the larger meetings were great with such a clear sense of God’s presence. Many from smaller churches simply love being in aJeff Lucas crowds of fellow believers.

Jeff Lucas was a main speaker this year, and he taught with great humour.

The main highlights for me were some of the smaller seminars I attended.

Neil Hudson is on the staff of The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and is an Elim Pentecostal church leader. He is an excellent speaker.

Neil HudsonAlthough Neil’s session on gender differences within the church was deeply insightful (even without the video clips from Top Gear), the session I particularly valued was the one on the Internet. I learned new things about community, as it is expressed virtually. Though I already had some idea (or I would not be a contributor this site), I was fascinated by his insights.

Keith Warrington is Research Fellow in New Testament and Pentecostal Studies. He is based at Regents Theological College in Cheshire, England. Keith is a friend of mine from years back and it was a delight to listen to him teach.Keith Warrington

I have never before been in a meeting like it. We were listening to a presentation which was not designed to move us emotionally, and could have been described is rather academic, yet I heard people breath the word “Wow” on a few occasions as we listened to what he was explaining to us. He spoke about the continuing and continual work of the Holy Spirit in the believer.

I bought two of Keith’s his books while I was there, God and Us, and Healing and Suffering. After hearing his teaching on the Holy Spirit I am determined to get his book on the Holy Spirit too.

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  1. Although I attended Conference this year I did not attend any of Keith Warrington’s lectures, However, I listened to a UCB broadcast and found it very significant. Unfortunately I do not know the title of the message, but it has made me want to explore Pastor Warrington’s books.
    The lecture was such a help to me a kind of unveiling I woulkd say.

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