Loneliness of the Leader

I’m not lonely but I think it makes a fitting title.

I have worked alongside many church leaders of various denominations over the years and have witnessed their frustrations feeling alone in their appetite to see church growth and in their desire to see the people of God move forward.

I have come to the conclusion that leaders must learn to live with this frustration. When a leader is ahead, living in the ‘more’ God has for His people and turns to beckon the believers to follow, he is alone. When the others arrive he/she is likely to have already moved forward again. He can’t help it, it is the nature of the leader.

Many church leaders enjoy the companionship and support of a close team around them, yet that does not solve the problem. The leader of a team will experience the same dynamics described above.

Sorry brothers, sisters – this is our lot. But then so is being in the ‘more’ and having the delight of bringing others into it.

If you are unable to come to terms with this, find a friend to talk with about your leadership role.

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