New Preaching Series – 2nd Coming of Jesus

I start a new sermon series on the Second Coming on Sunday 6th May.

It is a ten week series and downloads are available on the Elim church site (being re-launched any day now). The recordings in mp3 are available there each week to listen to, or to download.

The sermon notes are also available both to download as a pdf and as text pasted in the weekly posts. You are welcome to get them, use them, adapt them and preach them!

The series begins with Christ’s own parable about the second coming in Matt 25:1-13 The ten weeks will include characters such as Zechariah and Haggai, Nebuchadnezzar and of course the Messiah himself. The ancient Babylonian Empire, the Medo-Persian Empire and Roman Empire will be looked at for clues. I will be looking at the prophecies regarding the predicted Anti-Christ and the ten powers that will devour the whole earth.

The states of Israel, Iraq and Iran will feature. Modern U.S. thinking and governmental statements on Europe will be considered, and I will try and describe what exactly Armageddon is believed to be.

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