Post-modern Prayer: A Guide

“Rhythms of Prayer for a Modern World”

I love this pocket-sized book and the only way to truly appreciate it is if I use this book for a while, so I will.

Rythms of Prayer

This great little book is by a friend of mine, and published by YWAM England. The author, Carl Tinnon is part of YWAM community in York and has brought out this unusual book of prayer.

It is unusual in a number of ways. It is thoroughly contemporary and avoids churchy jargon. Particularly unusually and welcome is that it contains enough explanations making it suitable for young people, the non-churched or not-yet-saved.

Only a few years ago the thought of a prayer recourse for those outside the church would have been off the map. Like many, for many years, I too have proclaimed the impossibility of real relationship with God except through Jesus. The Bible teaches clearly about the separation that exists until that time. Yet it is a fact that many people now experiment with spirituality and in the process of seeking and discovery many are coming to Jesus. “Rhythms” would help with that journey of discovery.

Try this one called “Trusting in God no matter what”.

I am scared, anxious and fearful.
Lord, I don’t know what to do.
I have all these promises and a deeper sense of calling swimming around my head,
But I cannot see the way and nothing makes sense.
I feel this wave of passivity and neglect sweeping over me.
Lies that suggest that it was all just a dream.
And yet You, Lord, are still close, Your words to me remain true. “Trust in me my child, no matter what.”
That is all that You ask.
Can I do that, really trust You when all seems lost?

And this is all I can do. I choose to trust You.
Even when my heart and my mind ridicule me.
When others question what is right.
I will trust You, my God, I will put my faith in You because I know You will make my path straight.
You will cause my righteousness to shine like the midday sun.
I shall wait on You, I shall watch You unpack my inheritance as
I step out in faith.

If you feel you are on the edge of the things of faith and of Christianity, get this book. If you already follow Jesus, try these refreshing new prayers. £3 from YWAM.

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