Prophet “Saw” Oman Floods

A prophet predicted the Oman floods.

A couple in our church used to work in The Sultanate of Oman. They contacted my earlier this week asking me to pray about a Christian friend of theirs still in Oman. I will call him Rob.

About one month back Rob had a vision that Oman would get severe flooding after a cyclone. It seems this brother often gets visions while he is praying.

He went and told this to the authorities (well you would wouldn’t you?) but they put him in custody for four days before releasing him. It is difficult being a Christian there even without getting visions.

I am not sure of the details of whether the case has gone to court yet. He was upset and telephoned his friends in York to ask for prayer. Even some of his Christian friend found his vision difficult to accept.

Oman flood damage

Then last night I watched the news coverage on the television of severe flooding in Oman washing cars away with their occupants still inside. I remembered Rob and his vision.

One person has suggested to me that the warning given to Rob was to encourage prayer among the Christian believers to pray for deliverance for that country from God’s wrath, that they might turn back from their sin and pray to the true God. I will leave that to you to make up your own mind.

Something like this raises so many theological questions to which I have no answer, such as why did God not warn of other recent events? What I do know is that the Bible is full of instances of God speaking to his prophets about national and international events (the subject of my current preaching series – mp3s on the York Elim site).

Lord, bring salvation to Oman. May the gospel of the Lord Jesus be released in that land.

6 thoughts on “Prophet “Saw” Oman Floods

  1. christians faces absolutley no difficulties in oman at all.. thats all i want to write just to reserv the right for honesty to take its place….and i heared this story…it is not true to be honest. all that fuss was just romur…that happens from time to time…thank you for reading

  2. Thank you Sulaiman but I got these details from a reliable source who is a friend of the Christian mentioned in the post. See my later post to read more about this man and details of his treatment.

    “Christians face absolutely no difficulties in Oman at all”!? I encourage you to make friends with some Christians to get the facts.

  3. I am here in Oman for last 3 years.
    My experience as an expat, We have full freedom to worship God.
    May God Bless Sultan and Sulatanate of Oman.

  4. I am an Australian Christian who has been to Oman a few times and has many Omani friends, as well as expat (christian) friends. As far as I know there is no restriction to (private) worship, so in this respect I agree with Avs and Suleiman.
    HOWEVER I woudl be quick to point out this does NOT apply to muslim converts, even if they are not Omani..
    also “worship” it if is seen as beign to close to evangelizing, too public or too “extreme” (visions, healing or more overtly charismatic practices) will not be tolerated in the same way.
    Peace and Blessings

  5. During my stay in Oman (two and half years), I was very touched by the openness of many (in my own case most) Omanis towards the practice of Christianity. Many Muslim employers gave time off for their Christian staff to attend services on Friday, and it was not unknown for them to drive them to Church themselves when there was no public transport available.

  6. I completely agree with Sulaiman – I lived in Oman for 3 years and experienced NO DIFFICULTIES being Christian. The people of Oman are extremely welcoming. I’ve never known anyone in Oman to experience difficulties due to being Christian…

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