Prophetic Ministry in Oman

A Christian predicted the Oman floods through “prophecy” the gift (ability given) of the Holy Spirit.

I have had more news about these extraordinary events in Oman and Cyclone Gonu. See my previous post for the background to this story.

The man’s name is Raju and he recently visited his home for his daughter’s wedding in Kerala India. There he told his friends more details. It is through his friends that the details have come to me.

When he shared his vision some of those who heard him reported it to the local newspaper. So next day police arrived and arrested him. They held him and started to compile his details. Oman Palace Security came and questioned him too. The Palace authorities ordered that he be kept in custody four days.

While he was held in custody he was charged with being a “Christian Mullah” (Priest) and therefore a threat to the country. They confiscated his passport and his labour documents.

Raju was simply a church member without special position, and the response of his Christian friends was mixed. It resulted in something of a split with one group very supportive and another group suspicious of him who were asking why God seemed only to be talking to Raju. Good question I suppose!

Then, by God’s grace Raju got deliverance from the court of the Sultanate of Oman in an amazing way.

After a few days everything he had predicted happened. There were heavy losses in that country when the floods came. Vehicles filled with passengers were swept into the sea.

Omanis started asking why their government had not taken any precautions.

Raju was released and all charges against him were dropped. They returned his passport and papers. And the comedy began.

The French Embassy wanted to honour him and invited Raju to visit them so they can fix a date for the ceremony. But after pressure from the Oman Islamic Council of Affairs, the French Embassy cancelled the event.

Meanwhile lots of Omanis and police officers are hearing about Jesus Christ through Raju’s experience, but they say they are afraid of the Islamic Council of Affairs.

A rumour takes hold that Raju is a Roman Catholic. Because in Oman, the Roman Catholic community has some status, a new plan to honour Raju starts to take shape. This time he is to be honoured by the King of Oman himself. After enquiring some more it is discovered that Raju calls himself a “born again” Christian. So again plans are suddenly dropped.

I do not know what our Lord Jesus is up to, but come to the conclusion that He is up to something special in Oman. I believe He wants to bless that country and do it good.

I pray blessing on the Islamic Council of Affairs that they too might encounter the risen Jesus Christ.

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