Pure-Design.org for Churches

For a church web site I can highly recommend pure-design.org.

Too many churches do not have a web site, and don’t where to start getting one. I have a friend who, moving to a new area, searched on-line for a church to try. He saw that many churches were without a web site. It meant he could not be sure of their meeting times, how to find them or anything helpful.

The problem for many churches without any technical expertise is that a web site seems complicated. A web site can be very expensive with the web people not understanding what a church needs and selling something completely inappropriate.

pure-design.org understands churches. Behind the pure-design.org brand is both faith and high technical ability. Churches can can have confidence.

This is not some amateur buying a cheap web-building software kit and presenting themselves as experts.

The 2 big reasons I recommend pure-design.org is firstly their attractive pricing structure. It is all down to modest monthly payments instead of the huge up-front charges most companies demand. Secondly they have chosen to base everything on open-source software. If you are not technical, that means the behind-the-scenes stuff will never go out of date and you will never be locked out if you want to move to another provider. Why would you want to?

Well done, I hope you succeed!

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