Rambling Rob Bell

I had been surprised by the interest in my posts about Rob Bell. And in the light of the hits my post had been getting I was chatting with some people at church yesterday about him.

One comment which struck me was that Bell seems to be the object of much animosity. I think I know one possible reason for that. The consensus among those I talked with was that his insistence on making things obscure is part of the problem. As I have already said, it is difficult finding out what he believes because of his apparent reluctance to say anything clearly.

In my previous post I said Bell talks gobbledygook (or gobbledegook). I still think he does, I just don’t know if it is intentional.

On the web site of the Plain English Campaign they say the following, “We define plain English as writing that the intended audience can read, understand and act upon the first time they read it.”

Sounds good to me. So no gobbledygook then. They have the following under the FAQ section on their website.

“What’s wrong with gobbledygook? We can’t put it any better than a nurse who wrote about a baffling memo. She said that ‘receiving information in this form makes us feel hoodwinked, inferior, definitely frustrated and angry, and it causes a divide between us and the writer.'”

Perhaps this is Bell’s problem, not that he is merely rambling in his delivery but that he suffers the negative responses that gobbledygook provokes.

Come on Rob, communicate clearly.

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