Sy Rogers at Conference

I am at my annual Elim conference and have been listening to an interesting speaker call Sy Rogers ( Sy has been telling us of his many years in the gay community, the last minute cancellation of his gender realignment surgery and his encounters with the risen Jesus.

It has been fascinating to hear of his integration into the Christian community and the loving welcome he received there, something all churches could learn from.

I am going to explore his website when I get time.

    One thought on “Sy Rogers at Conference

    1. Just caught the last 10 minutes of Sy Rogers at the Elim conference on UCB TV Tuesday 12 Oct 10 and was amazed to hear how Sy was a former gay guy and turned his back on homosexuality and is now married with a daughter, WONDERFUL TESTIMONY TO WHAT GOD CAN DO IN OUR LIVES if we invite Him. I have just written a novel on the very subject My Boy Amy and how churches need to open their hearts to people with sexual sin in exactly the same way as any other sin, not prejudge and turn people away, thanks the Book is being published by in the States.

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