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Well, I am back. The reason this blog has been inactive for the past few weeks is that each year I spend three weeks on a field at Fraisthorpe. How did I end up doing that!? The real reason I am happy to be part of it is that every year, and this year was no exception, people have an authentic encounter with God on that field. I pray, and expect, that next year will be the same.

I got back over a week ago, but I then had to catch up with work.

Our camp took place just before the wet weather started. The rain started as the clearing away was drawing to a close.

Fraisthorpe is the site of our youth and family camp. If you go there you will have seen the team that works in the late night diner providing us with curries, kebabs, etc. Josh is the tallest on the team and he works next to the industrial size pizza oven.

What is less know about Josh is that he has a pilot’s license. He came over in his Cessna and gave me a ride over the site. I have to say I felt completely safe with his flying, and the take-off and landing at the nearby airfield were both very smooth.

Below are the pictures I took, though in real life it felt much closer to the ground! This was at the end of the camp so there are some bare patches where tents and caravans had been.

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4 thoughts on “Back From the Field

  1. Fraisthorpe camp should be at fraisthorpe, next to the beach, this is a special place for me, and my family as well as for many others. I met God at this place, I met my wife at this place, I love to sit and stroll on the beach taking in Gods creation. This for me is hallowed ground and the whole family look forward to 3 weeks at camp each year. keep camp at camp this will be my 29th year 2009.

  2. Thanks Paul. Yes the camp has meant a lot to many people. My own daughter met her husband at camp.

    But I think it is the community that is the thing and not the place only. Feedback we are getting so far is that many (including the ones that have been coming for years) are looking forward to a new camp with more potential and better facilities.

    It will not be called Fraisthorpe Camp though if it is elsewhere (any ideas?).

    Problem is, we can not bear the financial loss of another cancelled camp. We need a place that is less affected by the weather. Last year (2008) the bad weather came just after we had gone. If our camp had been a week later we would have had to abandon it mid-camp!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with Paul. My first camp was in 1974. I attended for around 20 years without a break. Then family circumstances meant we could not camp but came as day visitors almost every year. At last circumstances improved and we were able to camp again last year and bring along my 2year old daughter to share this special place. I was so thrilled at the thought of bringing her again at an age when she could really appreciate Fraisthorpe this year and our whole family were devastated to find that this is the end. Paul is right, camp is Fraisthorpe and Fraisthorpe is camp.

    We have endured years when we had to bail out using anything we could lay our hands on (when I used to come as a worker) but 2007 is, as far as I am aware, the only time there has had to be a cencellation. To decide to move to the North East, which is where I live, to get more reliable weather just doesn’t make sense. Something will be lost without this beautiful setting and the access to the beach for young and old alike (without being tied to a bus excursion). It will be a very sad day for our family, and others, I know when we leave our last camp this summer.

  4. You are right about one thing Vivienne, it would be a bit of a joke if we were moving further north in search of better weather. That is nearer to where I come from.

    We are moving to a site that can cope better with bad weather. A flatter and better drained site.

    Anyway the deed is done, we are moving. As someone said to me, “There is no turning back. We have already jumped from the plane and it is now just a question of how well we land.”

    Hope you manage to visit camp when it is in the new place Vivienne.

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