Danger in Bangalore

I received a text message late last night from an Indian friend and I paste in below.

We have a few Indian families in our church and it has been great getting to know them and learning a bit about the culture they bring to us. As they are Christians it is even more interesting to me to see both our similarities and our differences.

Now that we have so many different nationalities in our church the world seems a lot smaller to me than it used to. That is why messages like this carry and extra horror. But Bangalore? We are now accustomed to speaking with people in call centres in Bangalore when telephoning about insurance, telephones or banking. I feel these horrors are happening so near to me.

 Urgent prayer request pls pray for Paul Thangaia in Bangalore RSS planned to kill him they burned 20 churches yest night & planned to destroy 200 churches in Orissa BJP has planned to kill 200 pastors in the next 24 hrs. Pls pray4r at least 2 mins & fwd 2 all Christians.

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