I Signed the Petition

I received an email about our evangelical friends in the Church of Scotland and the ‘Confessing Church’ petition.

Their General Assembly this year is likely to be highly charged. Some Christians from the Aberdeen Presbytery will appealing against their Presbytery’s decision to induct a man who has openly declared himself to be living in a homosexual partnership.

This is an issue of enormous magnitude: not just about sexuality, nor even only about the authority of Scripture, but about the nature of humanity, and indeed the nature of the gospel itself, a gospel not of affirmation of sin, but which demands repentance from sin, and brings liberation and transformation from sin.

Those who are deeply troubled at the decision of Aberdeen Presbytery, and who do not want to see the General Assembly publicly backing their decision, have published a Statement which can be found here.

The statement seeks to urge commissioners to support the Aberdeen protesters, and also to support a request being brought from the Presbytery of Lochcarron and Skye, which seeks Assembly support for a clear endorsement of biblical sexual morality:  “That this Church shall not accept for training, ordain, admit, re-admit, induct or introduce to any ministry of the Church anyone involved in a sexual relationship outside of faithful marriage between a man and a woman”.

Church leaders of various other denominations have also signed as this effects the whole church of Jesus Christ.

Above all, they ask for prayer about this matter, that the Lord our God will hear our plea and have mercy on us in his church, and that this may be turned around for the glory of Christ and his gospel in our land.

I have signed.

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  1. ‘I have signed.’

    Then let me thank you most warmly for signing. I am one of those ministers in the Presbytery of Aberdeen who is appealing against the decision of our Presbytery. We are very grateful for your prayerful support and especially ask for your intercession from 6.30pm onwards on Saturday 23rd May, when the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland will hear and consider our appeal. God is sovereign.

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