Sian Sees Riots in Kampala

Mobile phone text forwarded to me from Chris on Thursday (10/9/2009) who heads up Elim International Missions,

“Just had this. I am currently in the USA. Chris

‘Chris, i’m supposed 2 b flying 9am 2mo. however there are strikes in kampala. gunfire+tear gas everywhere. 5 people killed, one outside the house where i’m hiding. only just made it through the road blocks+angry crowds. everything is a bit scary, they say it will gt worse. cn u forward txt 4 prayer? thank you. Sian.'”

I believe in the power of prayer. I was in Bristol with a group of believers when I received the message so we all prayed for Sian.

Later I checked the BBC website for news and heard about the battles between government forces and rioters who were hurling bricks from behind burning barricades.

But what was Sian doing in Uganda anyway?

Sian has a connection with Uganda as her parents were missionaries out there years ago. She was brought up in the UK but has followed news in Uganda with interest because of the family contacts there.

A few years back Sian was working as a volunteer in a children’s home in Uganda. At first she just enjoyed the experience of being in the country she had heard so much about from her parents. After a while she started to notice some things that disturbed her, and some of the children started to confide in her. Reports of violence and sexual abuse started to come from the children. Sain became convinced that the children continued to be in danger so long as they stayed there.

After much planning, an escape was arranged for the children. The children fled during the night. Trusted people met the fleeing children with financial aid at various points on their journey, helping them to the new project that had agreed to accommodate them.

The Elim Pentecostal Church in York have got behind Sian’s project and Elim International arranged for a lawyer to meet with Sian in Kampala. The meeting took place just days before the riots started. The lawyer is arranging registration for a new children’s home project which Sian is setting up to accommodate the young people.

Adventures seem to follow Sain so when the above text message came through, we prayed straight away.

Later, during the night the following message came through:

“I’ve made it 2 airport! thank u 4 prayers. i was just by the palace so in the thick of fighting. relative of the friends i was stayin with was shot by police+hospitalised so we decided 2 gt out with a friends vehicle+sleep by the airport. ill b in the uk 2nite if god wishes. thanku again 2 all, blessings”

I have since heard from Sain that she is back in the UK so we have invited her to dinner during the week. Her reply:

“Thank you so much for all your love and prayers! I can tell you the story when I come but it was quite scary….i was running from gunfire at one point! Praise God I found a way of escaping to the airport…news from the ground is that they are turning on any non-ugandans and today is much worse.”

Can’t wait to hear more of her news!

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