The Answer is.. Number 27!

I was at a conference last week for leaders of Elim Pentecostal churches in my region. The theme turned out to be prophecy and the ministry of the prophetic today. A fitting introduction to the topic came to me in the form of an informal chat around a meal table before the sessions began.

David Green is the leader of the Elim church in Halifax and as a lover of Golf he told a group of us about an incident at his club. I don’t know how I hadn’t heard of this before as it is old news now.David Green

David delights in telling people about his Jesus and that may have been what he was doing at the bar of his club after a game. He said a few people were gathered there when a member came along selling raffle tickets. He was asked to buy one. the prize was a prestigious parking space at the club, for a year I think.

He said he found himself saying, “It’s no good me buying one, I know the winning number!” Well that got everyone’s attention. “What is it?” came the reply. “twenty seven,” he said.

He told us that he was surprised himself at how the thought had come to him but recognised the familiar dynamic of prophecy.

Many of the tickets were already sold but 27 was still available, and as he had no money they insisted that he take it without charge. A few weeks later it caused quit a stir when the winning number was announced. He got his free parking space and many came to him asking if he could tell them the winning lottery number too!

Why did it happen? He doesn’t know, and I certainly don’t. But it did serve to point to Jesus. God’s ways are mysterious.

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