9 Marathons in 4 Days

I like running and occasionally I dream of doing a long run such as the Sea to Sea It is unlikely I will do one as I can not imagine getting the time for all the training.

This has put me off somewhat!

It is someone from Nestle in York doing nine marathons in four days, running from their York factory to their Croydon factory.

“…the details of this Easter weekend will remain etched in my mind for a long time to come- no doubt even longer than the pain and physical ailments picked up along the way, of which there are many. I am currently unable to walk from one room to another without the aid of a wooden pole and once I’ve sat down it’s at least an hour before I can bring myself to get back up. Picking things up from the floor is a total no-go, my stomach muscles cramp up into knots every time I lean forward and my feet have swollen to nearly twice their normal size. However, despite the pain, I’m just delighted to have finally finished what was undoubtedly the most gruelling and challenging four days of my life.”

Perhaps not just yet then!

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