Christian groups in schools: Secularists see exploitation schools see a service


I have recently been confronted once again by the proselytising that goes on by secularists. I find it interesting that they pretend to hold a completely neutral view and have no faith position whatsoever. Some secularists seem incapable of believing that people of faith can care about their world without needing to evangelise. This ignorance is repeatedly raising its voice.

A few seeks ago I heard about something that had been sent around schools in Scotland where some secular society was asking, under the Freedom of Information Act, for all sorts of details about faith groups going into schools.

Now I have come across an excellent post on that offers a perspective on that sort of thing.

Gillian makes the point that:

The National Secular Society want religious belief out of public life, and on the back of a few complaints by parents of the activities and presence of Christian groups, see a crack into which they can gain some leverage to take on this particular public manifestation of belief. Because that is what this is, this is the work of Christians, committed to serving others, working in their local community and helping students in both their education and wider well being.

They want schools to keep a closer eye on such groups and tighten the criteria under which they can work with schools. But beyond that, they want faith out of public life.The idea of a public space with different religious beliefs, openly stated and gracefully communicated, and those motivated by belief serving others with care and compassion, is something most people would welcome. And it is something welcomed by schools. 

See the full excellent article here.

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