Excellent lecture by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. Find the time, 50 minutes, and settle down to listen

What a marvellous lecture by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. 50 minutes listening to this was 50 minutes well spent!

An insight on how the West became a civilisation, how we got here, and a message of hope for the future. But not without serious warning for our time too. Hear how to thrive in the secular context that no longer regards faith as central. Sacks outlined a vision in which religious communities—Jewish and Christian—can function as creative minorities.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks speaking at the 2013 Erasmus Lecture, 21st October 2013, at the Union League Club in New York. If you can not see it below view it at Vimeo at this link or the blue link below..

First Things Erasmus Lecture “On Creative Minorities” by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks from First Things on Vimeo.

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