Lose a Piece of Your Soul

What a great turn of phrase!

I was reading that great old British institution, The Radio Times. I had read the review by Alison Graham of the series, Criminal Justice. I like her writing style even if I don’t always like what she likes.

I hadn’t watched the series. Having spend ten years of my life serving as a magistrate and being part of the world that brought me into, I am not now eager to watch that sort of thing on TV.

It was at the end of Alison’s article that she went on to mention a different programme broadcast on C4. It sounded a real ‘must-miss’. Called Personal Services Required, she said of it, “The most self-serving, manipulative, and unpleasant programme I’ve seen in many a month.” And she watches a lot of television! It must have been bad.

I liked the way she finished her article and review of Personal Services Required, “If you watch it, you will lose a little piece of your soul.”

What a great turn of phrase! I think sums up well what rubbish television does to us.

Didn’t Jesus say something like that? See Mark’s gospel chapter 8 verse 36.

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