Marginalised Christians

A Christian British Airways employee who was asked to conceal her cross at work has launched a legal challenge in the Court of Appeal. Nadia Eweida is trying to overturn a previous ruling which said BA’s actions did not constitute religious discrimination.

Is is becoming increasingly clear to Christians in the UK that they are being marginalised, and if the trend continues Christians will be forced out of many jobs, and young Christians will have their career choices limited.

See this report for more details.

Marginalising Christians (PDF)

One thought on “Marginalised Christians

  1. Christians marginalized in British society? Excellent! Wonderful! Just the ticket! Because this has happened before, hasn’t it? Wasn’t there a time, not so long ago, when groups of Charismatic, prayerful men and women of God were barred from attending University in this country, or from going into politics? They were given an insulting nickname and treated with suspicion because of the way they insisted on practising their faith all week and not just on Sundays. And what was the result? They changed the world.

    They went into business and worked hard to set new standards for welfare among their workers. God blessed them richly and they made a lot of Money. What did they do with that money? Well one of those businesses based in York used it to sponsor William Wilberforce’s election campaign because this group of believers wanted him to abolish slavery. And after much hard work, they did abolish it. Thank God they were put in a position to do it.

    What was God’s response? More blessing. Suddenly everything these believers touched turned to gold. They founded the Clarks shoe business, Huntley&Palmer biscuits, Fry’s chocolate, Cadbury’s cocoa and our very own Rowntree’s of York. What did these believers do with all the money and power and political influence that success brought with it? They tried to erradicate poverty. That’s why Elizabeth Fry appeared on our five pound notes (look her up!), that’s why people are getting so het up over the saintly Cadbury’s who are more than just a brand. The Cadbury’s built a beautiful village to replace some of the slum dwellings of crowded Birmingham. They strove to make their working conditions perfect for their workers. They set the standard. They changed the way we all work. They saved us all from inhumane working conditions, which were pretty standard in Britain for a long time.

    What did our very own Rowntrees do? They exploited their political influence, shamelessly, to try to eradicate poverty. They didn’t just improve their working conditions, they didn’t just build a really great village, they used the money they made to pay for huge surveys investigating the causes of poverty. They tried to find ways of preventing poverty by lobbying for a welfare state. In Britain today, if you get ill or unemployed there is a saftey net in the form of benefits and council houses and social services. Why? Because the Rowntrees of York investigated, planned and fought.

    In short, this group of marginalized Christians changed the world. Marginalization bred greater unity, a genuine nationwide, intimate community.

    Watched the news recently? Noticed that the world is in financial meltdown, on the brink of war with everyone and is polluted beyond repair? Roll on Christian marginalization, I look forward to seeing believers driven out of dull jobs that they never really felt called to, and driven into changing the world.

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