Put The Children First

Often when working I have the radio on in the background. It is nearly always Radio 4. That way I often overhear things I would not deliberately tune in to.

Today I heard some of Saturday Live as I was typing up my sermon notes for tomorrow (I prepare early in the week but type up late to refresh memory). I heard a lady talk of how she was one of the children effected when her mother and father swapped partners with the couple next door in the 1970s. It had a devastating affect on all the children and her mother said, “Not a day goes by that I do not regret what I did.”

Asked for her take on it now she said people in situations like that should put the children first and not themselves. Good comment.

It put me in mind of a comment on Woman’s Hour yesterday (I said I hear all sorts) when a young woman was describing her relationship. She said she now has a partner and is in a “Committed, long-term, open relationship.”

What planet is she on?! I think some of these things are mutually exclusive. Will they have children? If so I wonder what the children will think.

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