See Like an Artist

It is not unusual for a Christian to consider ways to enhance their experience of worship.  Something that is so satisfying (a mystery to those who have not yet met Jesus) seems to hold out the promise of more and better.

Seeking the ‘more’ in worship seemed to be something on the mind of the Samaritan woman at the well mentioned in John’s gospel, chapter four. Jesus told her, “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.”

Recently in a cell group I asked people to tell of a recent moment of joy, a time when something rose within them and they felt wonder or joy. Most spoke of seeing something such as sunshine through trees, frost early in the day, etc. By seeing things in a different way, and because they were Christians, they had felt worship rising within them.

I wonder, if we could deliberately try to see things differently like an artist sees things, would it help us to be better or more spontaneous worshippers?

Not all Christians are artists but seeing things like an artist sees them can lift our worship. An artist sees something that all can see, yet recognises there is still more.

Dan Price is an artist in the USA and he illustrates the point I am making. He seems to be able see ordinary things and find beauty and wonder in them. He sells journals of his drawings of the simplest of things, things many would not even notice. See the video about him first then visit his website to see what I mean.

I want to see what others miss. I want to wonder and thank and worship. I want to be better at giving God the worship he deserves.

One thought on “See Like an Artist

  1. I had such a moment today on a cable car in Andorra (I’ve been skiing – and come back on one piece!). I had already been on the cable car several times yesterday, and noticed the nice scenery, but maybe today I was a bit more relaxed and was able to have a better look around. As I gazed around at the mountains I couldn’t help but think how awesome our Creator is.

    I’m now back in Barcelona, yet even in the city I can appreciate God’s creation, as the magnificent buildings, though man-made, were built by the hands created by God.

    One such building is the famous Sagrada Família. The top of church, which is still being built, stands is 1m lower than the peak of Montjuïc, the big hill in the south of the city. Gaudí designed the church as such because he said that the work of man should not be greater than the work of God. How foolish of him! As if by making the church 5m higher his work would have been greater than the creator of — to give but one example — Everest.

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