Texting While Driving

I was following a car and saw that it kept swerving from side to side to get back on track. Sometimes it would clip the curb and sometimes it would start to drift towards oncoming traffic before swerving back. I let myself fall back to distance myself from it as it did a slow zigzag along the road.

I have seen this a few times and as the drivers can usually be seen to have their heads down, I conclude they have been texting.

A study was done in the USA by  last year which found that 1/3 of US drivers text while driving. I say texting, respondents also admitted to using Facebook or Twitter while driving. It seems it just so addictive.

I think it is horrifying. I wonder how many people have been killed because of a mobile text, a twitter or a Facebook entry.

I wonder what the figures are for here in the UK.

I should not be surprised then, that I have had to ask people to turn off their phones when I have done funerals.

One thought on “Texting While Driving

  1. If you put in a search on YouTube for "PSA texting while driving" you can see a film that was made with Welsh police on the subject. I think I remember hearing that it was so graphic that it could not be shown as a television advert. It may distress some viewers. But then again, seeing people using their phones while driving distresses me.

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