A cheerful story of a Roberts radio and Blackwell & Denton in York

It was a lovely looking retro style red Roberts radio. I got it at a boot sale for a bargain price. It served me well but it developed a fault. It started to go silent after being on for a while. Panel was still lit up but no sound!

As they are expensive – and wonderful, I decided it would be worth finding out if it could be repaired. But where to go? I have always found the service at Blackwell & Denton in the centre of York to be excellent so off I went.

David, the friendly chap at B&D announced that Roberts were an excellent company with a great customer service and they would sort my radio for a set repair fee. He showed me one that had just been returned from them. Roberts had replaced the whole top of the radio that had been damaged.

I delivered my treasure and waited.

David called me on Saturday to tell me that Roberts had decided not to repair my radio. They had decided to replace my radio with a brand new one. It was even the more recent model! The photo has given it a purple tinge, it is not, it is deep red.

I already loved Roberts radios but now… well… what can I say?

A big thank you to Roberts and to Blackwell & Denton.

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