A new era for notebooks and handwritten notes

In the 1980s people clutched their Filofax. More recently the stylish Moleskine (pronounced in a very particular way) notebook has been an indicator of good taste. But then with the rise of digital note keeping such as the Evernote or Springpad apps on smart-phones the Moleskine manufacturers must have been worried.

Now hand written notes and notebooks are being used in new ways by uploading them to the cloud.

A simple way to do it is to take a photo of your notes and upload the image to any number of places according to your preferences.

If you want to use Evernote you can now buy a Moleskine that is intended for that purpose and includes a membership to Evernote Premium in the cost of the notebook.

I already use a great app for recording handwritten notes, particularly good for an agenda that I have scribbled on during a meeting. I snap it using CamScanner then upload it to the cloud. The great thing about CamScanner is that it resizes the picture of the paper, enhances the image, then converts it to a PDF. I highly recommend it.

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