Are USA companies unable to do currency converstion? Camelbak rip-off alert!

The Camelbak All Clear water purifying water bottle sounded good. I could see that it cast about $100 in the US which is equivalent (as I write this) to £63.

I contacted the supplier and asked about price. I got this reply:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Camelbak All Clear.

This product is only in the US at present, we should expect this to be available in the UK in 2013 if all the EU regulatory requirements are met.

We would expect that the price of the bottle will be around £100.

We are sorry we are unable to supply this to you at the moment.

Sorry unable to supply?!

Perhaps they could also have said they were sorry that they are going to charge British customers 100 dollars instead of 63 pounds! ********!

3 thoughts on “Are USA companies unable to do currency converstion? Camelbak rip-off alert!

  1. $ to £ =£63.00

    + Vat £12.72
    + Import Duty £1.71
    + Shipping ( Guesstimate £3.50 probably more due to lowish volume product)

    Total =£81.50

    still 19 quid UK markup

    • Hi Graham

      I am Zyro’s CamelBak Brand Manager. The proposed price of U$100 was based on earlier versions of the UV bottle. At present, I do not know final specifications nor costs and importing duties, which will determine the new srp of this bottle for the UK. Please also note as observed that U$ retail prices do not include VAT.

      Therefore, please understand that our srp was a guess.

      Kind regards


      • Thank you for your comment Richard.

        It certainly looks like a great product. Wish I had one when I visited Africa, and wish I had one in time for the long distance run I am planning to do in May.

        I will watch out for when they appear one sale in the UK.

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