Cut-throat shaving and the unexpected

Some things I thought were predictable but I have been taken by surprise by some things in my adventure with cut-throat razor shaving (cut-throat = straight razor in USA).

I had a holiday recently and not needing to rush out in the mornings I was able to take a little more time to think more about what I was doing.

I hadn’t expected the shaving to be quite as difficult at first, but nor did I anticipate it would be getting much easier so quickly. The learning curve is short.

I find stropping far more difficult to get right than I had expected. It is so easy to make a mistake which blunts the razor. Stropping seems to have a longer learning curve than the shaving. Glad my experience of honing my chef’s knives all those years ago has enabled me to hone razors so I can correct any stropping disasters. Glad too I got such a bargain razor on Ebay to experiment with – I would hate to be worrying about damaging an expensive new one.

I never realised the results of shaving with a cut-throat are so much better than even DE safety razor. Closer cut leaving smoother skin with less irritation afterwards.

So far I have had very few nicks and am enjoying the adventure. I had thought I would learn simply for the fun of it, but not switch permanently. At the moment I am not sure if I would return to the safety razor unless travelling, but then, surely a cut-throat can travel?


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