Facebook on N97mini

I don’t do Facebook but I know many people can not bear to be away from their Facebook ‘friends’ for long. The Facebook application on the N97mini takes up up a big chunk of the home screen, so is this the answer?

Unlike the iPhone, these Nokias can run more than one app at the same time. That means once logged in the Facebook user can see the small app keeping them informed of their status and the messages coming in while they continue to use their phone for other things.

Some of my Facebook using friends were playing with the N97 last night and they thought this facility was great. One person with an iPhone was admitting the limitations of their machine only able to run one app at a time (I had not realised they were so primitive).

One drawback though on this Nokia. Once into Facebook my friends couldn’t find the chat facility. Is it there and they were not looking hard enough, or is it missing? As I said, I don’t do Facebook so I wouldn’t know.

The general consensus is that this is a great phone. But I still prefer my Nokia E72.

2 thoughts on “Facebook on N97mini

  1. Nokia N97 mini was my dream phone and now this is my favorite phone for ever. I have using white color. Keyboard is his + point. And using method also very amazing. Impotently Stylish… I recommend this nokia n97min to whom gonna buy new mobile .

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