Fitting VSB Automatic Hen House Doorkeeper

So you have unwrapped your automatic hen house doorkeeper, otherwise known as the VSB, and are trying to understand the instructions? I hope this helps.

You may choose to fit the gadget before you try adjusting it and connecting it to the door but you don’t have to.

The things to understand are these:

Getting some cord to come out of the box
You will want to let out some of the cord, perhaps to tie to the door or to make enough slack to go around a pulley wheel. To get some slack, and assuming you are working in daylight, you insert the batteries and while apply a slight pull on the cord, you hold something metal across the pins 3 & 4 at the bottom of the open box. Keep screwdriver or whatever you have got across the pins until you have enough cord to be going on with then remove the screwdriver. You must then IMMEDIATELY disconnect the batteries or the cord will wind back in again.

Setting the stop of the cord
Once the unit is mounted (without the batteries in) and the pull cord is connected to the door you will want to make sure the gadget will raise the door and then stop itself.

This next step is important as if the machine does not cut off when the door is open the machine will continue to pull on the door and drain the batteries.

You need to pull on the cord to open the door and see were the point is at which it would enter the box and stop. You could mark the point on the cord with a pencil or something. The cut off of the gadget is when the cord is wound in due to daylight hitting the box until a small bead on the cord rises up, as it rests upon a knot in the cord. Where you put your mark is where you need to put knot. As the knot rises up into the box the bead needs to be above the knot, resting on it. Perhaps the best thing is to make the knot large and loose to begin with. I had to unpick mine as I had put it in the wrong place – and I had got the bead below the knot instead of above it – duh!

All done?
When the door will move freely, and the cord is connected to the door, and the knot is holding up the bead, you can put the batteries in. BE READY. The cord will wind in, it will lift the door and will stop when the bead lifts the lever inside. If all is as you want it, you can now put the cover on the box.

Adjusting to suit the light levels
My hens were being awkward and they seemed to stay out later that they usually did. So long did they stay out that the were getting shut out. I saw them once all standing outside watching as the door slowly closed them out. I adjusted it and then three of them got in, but the forth and last one was too slow and got shut out. So I had to adjust it again.

To adjust the light sensitivity and get it to shut a bit later, like I did, you need to open the box again and find the adjuster screw. The adjuster is located above pins 5 & 6. In the picture it is the black thing with the white bit in the middle where you put your screwdriver. Click on photo to see it larger size. You will want to turn it a tiny amount clockwise. Mine was at 10 o’ clock and I ended up setting it to 12 o’ clock.

If the box is getting lit up with artificial light sources it is going to stay open thinking it is still daylight. You will need to sort that.

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