Get Organised with Springpad

From Ubernote to Evernote to Springpad.

In order to keep myself organised I use to-do lists and notes programmes.

Since 1999, to carry notes and my to-do lists (and lots more) I have used one PDA after another from a Palm Pilot to my present Dell Streak.

I have used notes on my desktop, laptop or netbook and was pleased when what was on the computers could be kept in sync with my hand-held. They were basic notes at first, just simple short text notes without hyperlinks or anything we are now used to. Eventually I used notes programmes on the computers that my hand-held could not cope with.

Google Notes was good but they stopped supporting it so I looked for a replacement.

I tried many, as mentioned in a previous post.

Springnote was good but a little sluggish so I ended up using Ubernote for the past year. Ubernote has a simple interface that appealed to me. I found it snappy in use and had many features that made it efficient.

The problem came when I got my Android phone/tablet which offered hand-held notes again. The Ubernote app was not ideal for me, the interface too crude to be pleasant to use. I flirted with Evernote for a while which was much better on the phone and offered a load of extra features, too many to mention here. One problem though is that when travelling I found myself out of cell coverage and though I could make a note (which would sync later) I could not access my notes. Mm, what to do?

I looked at Memonic which offers off-line storage, limited to 100 pages for the free version, and more storage for the paid version. Not bad and good interface.

I have settled with Springpad. It has a great interface whether on desktop or using the Android app. I think the design must have been with tablets very much in mind. It does off-line storage of notes on the phone/tablet for when cell coverage is bad and on the netbook, if using Chrome, it will do off-line storage there too.

What can Springpad do? It does a huge range of things. See Life Hacker for more.

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