Get Started in Ubuntu One

I have my own server and find it great to be able to access files and documents wherever I am (providing I am on-line). As I use one of three computers, depending where I am, I have loved having the server running Ubuntu.

I saw a great improvement when Ubuntu 9.04 come out, being able to open and edit documents on the server wherever I happen to be without having to download them to my local machine. It got even better with the latest release of 9.10 (Karmic Koala).

There are two problems with this method. 1 If I use my server as my main HD wherever I am, I am putting all my eggs in one basket. Too risky. 2 If I have my netbook (nc10 running Ubuntu) where there is no wireless I have no access to my files. I can use my mobile as a 3g broadband but it is not as fast as land-line broadband and even with that there are places where I have been unable to get a signal.

And then I tried Ubuntu One. I delayed doing so because though Ubuntu One gives 2GB of free server space I have masses more than that on my server. Once I tried it though, I saw the advantages.

Installing was easy, though at first I was not aware what the installer was doing so I kept looking at the browser wondering what was happening.

To get going simply go to the Applications menu then to Internet and at the bottom of the list you see Ubuntu One. Click on that and your browser opens taking you to a login page. After you are logged in, the installer adds a new folder called Ubuntu One to your Home folder.

Then it starts getting interesting. Drag any file or folder of files into your Ubuntu One folder in your Home, and they are automatically synchronised in your free 2GB server space. I then did the same thing with my netbook, and on the desktop in my office. On each of these machines now sits a copy of the contents of my cloud at Ubuntu One. If I edit one of those files, on any of my machines, it is automatically synchronised with the cloud and on all the other machines I use. If I am offline without internet access I have my most active files on my net book to be getting on with.

At a minimum, having an Ubuntu One cloud is a great backup of precious files. Go on, give it a go. its free!

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